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References to sprinklers in Irish Technical Guidance Document BClaire Whelton, Cork City Fire Department, Ireland, IFS 2024 DublinRegulations
An overview of the Irish sprinkler marketTed Wright, Writech, Ireland, IFS 2024 DublinMarket
The Marriott position on sprinklers and water mistArmin Wolski, Marriott International, Germany, IFS 2024 DublinHotels Perspective
Striving for property protection – the client, broker and insurer relationshipMark Middleton, Lockton Companies, UK, IFS 2024 DublinInsurance
Performance-based design solutions for retail and ASRS applicationsManny Silva, Johnson Controls, USA, IFS 2024 DublinStorage ASRS
TL-ASRS research update – simplified DS 8-34 recommendations for solid-walled and non-fire-propagating containersWes Baker & Ben Ditch, FM Global, USA, IFS 2024 DublinStorage Standards
Cold storage warehouses: sprinkler system design considerations, options and challengesPhil Gunning, Victaulic, USA, IFS 2024 DublinStorage Cold
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – some practical examplesChris Gill & Juan Zamarrón, Viking & Engineered Fire Piping, Luxemburg & Spain, IFS 2024 DublinSustainability
Evolving fuel and engine technologies for sprinkler pump driversRoss Livingston, Clarke Fire, UK, IFS 2024 DublinSustainability Pumps
Corrosion and its effect on sprinkler system hydraulicsWim van Bijsterveldt, KIWA, Netherlands, IFS 2024 DublinCorrosion
Foam systems in NFPA 409 Standard on Aircraft HangarsJohn Frank, AXAXL, USA, IFS 2024 DublinFoam
Successful transition planning for your fluorinated foam systemPaul Southwood, Viking, UK, IFS 2024 DublinFoam
How are SFFFs addressed by test and design standards, such as EN and NFPA?Gerard Visser, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2024 DublinFoam
An insight to the future EN 12845-2 with some worked examplesLudger Tegeler & Stuart Lloyd, FM Global & Zurich Insurance, Germany & UK, IFS 2024 DublinStandards Storage
EN 12845-3 – Guidance for earthquake bracing of sprinkler systemsGaetano Coppola, Jensen Hughes, Italy, IFS 2024 DublinStandards Seismic
Irish experience with residential sprinklersColin Walsh & David Byrne, Jones Engineering & National Sprinkler, Ireland , IFS 2024 DublinResidential
First high-rise residential retrofit in FranceBrice Franc, SPK Engineering, France, IFS 2024 DublinResidential High-rise
Sprinklers to enable construction with woodJohan Hoogeweg, DGMR, Netherlands, IFS 2024 DublinResidential Wood
Automatic sprinkler protection for titanium additive manufacturing powder storageStanislav Kostka & John LeBlanc, FM Global, USA, IFS 2024 DublinApplications
Methodology and documentation for the planning and execution of work in cleanroomsKeith Brennan, Intel, Ireland, IFS 2024 DublinApplications
Delivering complex projects protecting London’s high-rise skylineSimon Rooks Hall, Kay Fire Protection, UK, IFS 2024 DublinHigh-rise
Update on suppression research from the Research FoundationAmanda Kimball, Fire Protection Research Foundation, USA, IFS 2024 DublinResearch
Emerging risks and their impact on fire safetyJim Glockling, Glockling Consulting, UK, IFS 2024 DublinPerformance Hazards
German fire protection requirements for renewable energy systemsKnut Czepuck, Ministry of Regional Identity. Building and Digitalisation of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, IFS 2024 DublinRenewables Energy
Lithium-ion battery large-scale fire testingPhil Friday, Reliable Sprinkler Company, USA, IFS 2024 DublinRenewables Batteries
Lithium-ion battery manufacturing and storage – understanding manufacturing hazards and storage fire protection approachesStephanie Thomas & Benjamin Ditch, FM Global, USA, IFS 2024 DublinRenewables Batteries Storage
Training and formal qualifications for sprinkler system designers and installersAlasdair Perry & Ruth Oliver, BAFSA, UK, IFS 2024 DublinQuality
The revised LPS 1048 sprinkler installer accreditation schemeDavid Ferguson & Alan Crichton, BRE & BAFSA, UK, IFS 2024 DublinQuality
Quality issues with sprinkler and water mist systems in heritage buildingsMagnus Arvidson, RISE, Sweden, IFS 2024 DublinQuality
Update on the EN 14972 series and an example of OH3 testing to EN 14972-2Hans Schipper, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2024 DublinMist
Water mist testing for car parks David Bell, Viking, UK, IFS 2024 DublinMist
Water mist – equivalent or better?Ryan Conaghan, Marioff, UK, IFS 2024 DublinMist
Cyber security and fire protectionSebastian Brose, VdS, Germany, IFS 2024 DublinRemote
A performance-based approach to automated inspection and testingJason Webb, Potter Electric, USA, IFS 2024 DublinRemote Inspections Testing
Management of a large sprinkler network for inspection, testing and maintenanceKeith Brennan, Intel, Ireland, IFS 2024 DublinRemote Inspections Testing
Changes to NFPA 13, 2025 editionBob Caputo, AFSA, USA, IFS 2024 DublinStandards
Evaluating and protecting liquids that burn: understanding the hazards and paths to providing protectionJohn LeBlanc, FM Global, USA, IFS 2024 DublinStandards Liquids
An introduction to European pump standardsSimon Bird & Sarah Colwell, Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems Bureau & BRE Global, UK, IFS 2024 DublinStandards Pumps
Warm water circulation in areas subject to freezingHervé Roché, Equans, France, IFS 2024 DublinInnovations Cold
Experiments to justify a reduced landing valve design pressureGökhan Balik & Duhan Portakal, Etik Mühendislik, Turkey, IFS 2024 DublinInnovations
Hybrid fire extinguishing systemDaniel Wake, Victaulic, USA, IFS 2024 DublinInnovations
Dutch fire brigade tactics in sprinklered buildingsJoost Ebus & Arjen Barreveld, Netherlands Institute for Public Safety, Netherlands, IFS 2024 DublinFirefighting
Update on suppression research from the Research FoundationVictoria Hutchison, Fire Protection Research Foundation, USA, IFS 2023 AmsterdamResearch
CE-marking under the current and future Construction Products RegulationOscar Nieto, European Commission, Belgium, IFS 2023 AmsterdamCertification
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – how suppression can improve a company’s ESG profile Chris Gill, Viking, Luxemburg, IFS 2023 AmsterdamSustainability
Introduction to fire safety in timber buildingsCarl Pettersson, RED Fire Engineers, Sweden, IFS 2023 AmsterdamSustainability
Battery power supply and energy storage for sprinkler pumpsRaycko van Hummel, Boele Fire Protection, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamSustainability
The need for fire suppression in cultural heritage buildings – an end user viewBob Bantock, National Trust, UK, IFS 2023 AmsterdamHeritage
Practical considerations around suppression systems in cultural heritage buildingsRene van Essen, Deventer Local Council, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamHeritage
Water mist and heritage buildings. Case studies from The NetherlandsJean-Paul Lamers, Firex, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamHeritage
Why sprinkler protection is necessary in residential exposed CLT-constructionRuud van Herpen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamPerformance Wood
How to determine the right strategy to effectively protect mass timber buildings?Marc Espieux, RiskCare, France, IFS 2023 AmsterdamPerformance Wood
Equivalent solution with sprinklers and ventilation for Dutch smoke compartmentsPeter Boll & Mirre Veerman , Royal Haskoning DHV, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamPerformance
Sprinkler systems with fluorine-free foam: testing the limits of performanceJohn Ottesen, Fomtec, Norway, IFS 2023 AmsterdamFoam
How PFAS legislation will affect your foam system designsSimon Barratt, Viking, UK, IFS 2023 AmsterdamFoam
Application of non-fluorinated foam in new and existing systems for aviation, POG and large storage tank protectionGerard Visser, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamFoam
Energy transition but safelyHans Sevenstern, Marsh, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamBatteries
Drencher fire tests on electric vehiclesMagnus Arvidson, RISE, Sweden, IFS 2023 AmsterdamBatteries Vehicles
Li-ion battery fire tests within SUVERENRüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany, IFS 2023 AmsterdamBatteries
Benefits of sprinklers for a stay-in-place strategyLieuwe de Witte, NIPV, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamResidential
UK experience with residential sprinklersRitchie O’Connell, BAFSA, UK, IFS 2023 AmsterdamResidential
Practical issues with protection of a high-rise residential buildingJohan Hoogeweg & Alex Zomer, DGMR & Aqua+ Sprinkler Systems, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamResidential
Update on water mist standardsAlex Palau, MinimaxViking, Spain, IFS 2023 AmsterdamMist
Water mist building protection in accordance with EN 14972Hans Schipper, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamMist
Applications and attributes of electronically controlled water mist nozzlesWilliam Makant, Plumis, UK, IFS 2023 AmsterdamMist
A practical sprinkler procedure for the fire serviceJoost Ebus & Ricardo Weewer, Netherlands Institute for Public Safety, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamIntervention
Effects of smoke vents on sprinkler system performance – investigation through large-scale testing and CFD modellingWes Baker & Yogish Gopala, FM Global, USA, IFS 2023 AmsterdamPerformance Quality Venting
How equivalent solutions created the Dutch sprinkler marketJohn van Lierop, EFSN, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamPerformance Quality
Revision of EN 12845-1Karim Karzazi & Ludger Tegeler, AXA XL Risk Consultants & FM Global, France & Germany, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStandards
The Dutch approach to quality assuranceWillem van Oppen & Ron de Bruijn, Het CCV & Riskonet, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamQuality Corrosion
VdS analysis of 25-year inspections of sprinkler systemsMarcel Ruesink, VdS, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamQuality Corrosion
New insights on corrosion prevention in sprinkler and water mist systemsMascha van Hofweegen, KWA, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamQuality Corrosion
Roll Paper 1 protection requirements – Changes to FM Global data sheet 8-21, Roll Paper StorageYogish Gopala & Brent Wunderlich, FM Global, USA, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStorage
Latest fire tests on open-top combustible containersWes Baker & Dong Han, FM Global, USA, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStorage
Cold storage fire protection solutionsArjan ten Broeke, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStorage
Remote testing and inspection standard with a live demonstrationJan Witte, Minimax, Germany, IFS 2023 AmsterdamServices
An update on NFPA 13Bob Caputo, AFSA, USA, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStandards
Different sprinkler densities for different building heights in non-storage occupancies – FM Global data sheet 3-26 criteriaWes Baker , Yibing Xin, FM Global, IFS 2023 AmsterdamStandards
Turbine protection to FMDS 7-101Jan Weimann & Ludger Tegeler, Minimax & FM Global, Germany, IFS 2023 AmsterdamApplications
Fire protection of data centresAleksandra Andrzejczyk, Royal Haskoning DHV, Netherlands, IFS 2023 AmsterdamApplications
Fire suppression systems for a cable manufacturing facilityKunsulu Bekish & Omer Sunda Un, Jensen Hughes, Belgium, IFS 2023 AmsterdamApplications
London policy on sprinklersPaul Jennings, London Fire Brigade, UK, IFS 2022 LondonRegulations
State of the global industry and sprinkler advocacyPaul Sincaglia & Russ Fleming, IFSA, USA, IFS 2022 LondonMarket
Smart sprinkler systems to save waterYibing Xin, FM Global, USA, IFS 2022 LondonInnovations
Trends and Challenges in Distribution Warehouses – Too tall, Too dense?Stuart Lloyd, Zurich Insurance, UK, IFS 2022 LondonInsurance
In-rack sprinkler protection of shuttle systemsJohannes Zimmermann, SSI-Schäfer, Germany, IFS 2022 LondonAutomatic Storage
Fire protection and manual firefighting for the AutoStore systemIngunn Haraldseid, AutoStore, Norway, IFS 2022 LondonAutomatic Storage
Protecting ASRS using the latest guidance in FMDS 8-34Wes Baker & Steven Wolin, FM Global & Reliable, USA, IFS 2022 LondonAutomatic Storage
French guidance on the use of sprinklers to protect wooden apartment buildingsDaniel Joyeux, Efectis, France, IFS 2022 LondonResidential
Lessons learned from residential retrofitsShayne Parker, Domestic Sprinklers, UK, IFS 2022 LondonResidential
Innovative suppression – implications for the industryWilliam Makant, Plumis, UK, IFS 2022 LondonResidential
Mitigation of labour risks through manufacturer involvementGraeme Leonard, Victaulic, UK, IFS 2022 LondonTesting Installation Piping
CE-Marking through the EOTA routeWitali Engelhardt, FM Approvals, Germany, IFS 2022 LondonCertification
Fast connection system for sprinklersPhilippe Kibler, AAI, France, IFS 2022 LondonInstallation
Big beats flow – fire protection in road tunnels with big dropletsHenrik Johansson, Johnson Controls, Sweden, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
Protection of waste recycling centresYoucef Ouammou, EFSN, France, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
The development of a sprinkler system concept for maritime vehicle carriersMagnus Arvidson, RISE, Sweden, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
Protection of glass façades with sprinklersPiotr Tofilo, Fire University, Poland, IFS 2022 LondonPerformance
Sprinkler protection as a boundary condition for a stay-in-place conceptRuud van Herpen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, IFS 2022 LondonPerformance Care
Fire incident data – a data rich world?Tom Roche, FM Global, UK, IFS 2022 LondonPerformance
Water mist in high-rise buildings – how to meet codes and standards requirementsFrancisco Garcia, Marioff, Finland, IFS 2022 LondonMist
Quality assurance with water mist systemsSimon Bird & Johan Hoogeweg, Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems Bureau & DGMR, UK & Netherlands, IFS 2022 LondonMist
The insurers’ view of successful water mist applicationsGary Howe, Zurich Insurance, UK, IFS 2022 LondonMist
Protection of global composite intermediate bulk containersNicolas Lochet, ELEN Risk Consulting, France, IFS 2022 LondonLiquids Foam
Update on suppression research from the Research FoundationAmanda Kimbal, Fire Protection Research Foundation, USA, IFS 2022 LondonResearch
UL requirements for anti-freeze solutions for use in fire sprinkler systemsJeff Hebenstreit, Underwriters Laboratories, USA, IFS 2022 LondonPerformance Cold
An optimised sprinkler system for car parksAlex Palau, Minimax Viking, Spain, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
Sprinkler systems to protect the world’s largest particle physics installationsAnna Suwalska, CERN, Switzerland, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
Automatic supervision and testing of sprinkler systemsArjan ten Broeke, Johnson Controls, Netherlands, IFS 2022 LondonApplications
NFPA 13 updateBo Hjorth, Albacon, Sweden, IFS 2022 LondonStandards
Revision of EN 12845Karim Karzazi, AXA XL Risk Consultants, France, IFS 2022 LondonStandards
FM Data Sheet changesAllan Macpherson, FM Global, UK, IFS 2022 LondonStandards
Sprinkler Integrity Test and First Responder SprinklerHenk Jan Kooijmans & Jeffrey Hoppenbrouwers, Unica, Netherlands, IFS 2022 LondonCorrosion
Corrosion protection with polymer-enhanced pipeChris Gill, Viking, Luxemburg, IFS 2022 LondonCorrosion Piping
Hydrogen in sprinkler systems – experience from a field studyJan Nikola, VdS, Germany, IFS 2022 LondonCorrosion
An update on CEN water mist standardsAlex Palau, Minimax Viking, Spain, IFS 2022 LondonStandards Mist
Progress with European sprinkler pump standardsSimon Bird, BRE Global, UK, IFS 2022 LondonStandards Pumps
Nine sprinkler ESFR design conceptWes Baker, FM Global, USA, IFS 2022 LondonStandards
Regulatory restrictions on foam concentrates, research on alternativesEike Peltzer, E.P. Fire, Germany, IFS 2022 LondonSustainability
Challenges of synthetic fluorine-free foam in sprinkler systemsSimon Barratt, Viking, UK, IFS 2022 LondonSustainability
Measures to reduce the environmental impact of sprinkler systemsJohn van Lierop, VSI, Netherlands, IFS 2022 LondonSustainability
25-year testing in a heritage buildingStewart Kidd, BAFSA, UK, IFS 2022 LondonHeritage
Cultural heritage protection with water mistRüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany, IFS 2022 LondonHeritage Mist
Water mist cultural heritage case study – Museum Leonardo da Vinci, MilanGaetano Coppola, Jensen Hughes, Italy, IFS 2022 LondonHeritage Mist
Latest research learning on emerging risksBen Ditch, FM Global, USA, IFS 2022 LondonResearch
Sprinkler Research: What’s Now, What’s NeededLou Gritzo, FM Global, USA, IFS 2018 StockholmResearch
Exterior Fire Protection for High-Rise BuildingsJan Johansson, Johnson Controls, Singapore, IFS 2018 StockholmInnovations
The History is our FutureGösta Holmstedt, Sprinklerfrämjandet, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmPerspective
Suitable Fire Protection Measures in Nursing HomesPatrik Perbeck, MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmCare
Property Fire Assessment and Fixed Fire Protection – An Insurer’s PerspectiveMark Middleton, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Services, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmInsurance
Retrofit of a large SKF site – an insurer and client viewTom Roche, FM Global, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmInsurance
Sprinkler protection as part of a fire engineering strategy for a heritage buildingGary Howe, Zurich Insurance, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmHeritage
Towards performance-based dimensioning of water mist sprinkler systemsMaarit Tuomisaari, Marioff, Finland, IFS 2018 StockholmMist
Compensation for missing fire partitions in buildings with high pressure water mistRüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany, IFS 2018 StockholmMist
Testing of residential sprinklers and water mist nozzles in residential area fire scenariosMagnus Arvidson, RISE, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmMist
Fire safety in homes for the elderly: research into the efficiency of alternative fire safety measures in new care conceptsAnn Beusen, VIPA, Belgium, IFS 2018 StockholmCare
Fire safety in homes for the elderly: sprinklers as a better solutionRené Hagen, IFV, Netherlands, IFS 2018 StockholmCare
Fire safety with and without sprinklersStaffan Bengtson, Brandskyddslaget, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmCare
History and development of sprinkler trade-offs in USA, influenced by fire engineeringRuss Fleming, IFSA, USA, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance
A cost benefit tool to analyse sprinklers as an option in the design of buildingsErik Sävmark & Matilda Bjälkefur, Brandkonsulten Kjell Fallqvist, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance Cost
Sprinkler protection for evacuation safetyRuud van Herpen, Nieman, Netherlands, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance
Compressed air foam systems for protection of loading/unloading platformsAntoon Buitenhuis & Lorne Lévesque, Siron & Fireflex, Netherlands & Canada, IFS 2018 StockholmFoam
Foam sprinklers – things that matterJohn-Olav Ottesen, Dafo Fomtec, Norway, IFS 2018 StockholmFoam
Quality assurance of unfluorinated foam agents in sprinkler systems and the influence of sprinkler design on extinguishing performanceMatthias Prall & Markus Thoma, Dr Sthamer & Jomos, Germany & Switzerland, IFS 2018 StockholmFoam
Are you ready for the software revolution? BIM and VR in fire protection designKenneth Verlinden, Victaulic, Belgium, IFS 2018 StockholmSeismic BIM
Handbook for the design and installation of seismic protection for fire sprinkler systemsStefano Grimaz, University of Udine, Italy, IFS 2018 StockholmSeismic
Automatic seismic design of fire sprinkler piping systems using Building Information ModellingAndré Filiatrault, University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia & State University of New York at Buffalo, Italy & USA, IFS 2018 StockholmSeismic BIM
Owner’s experience of 25-year sprinkler inspections of European shopping centresEric Trznadel & Gilles Lefrand, Unibail-Rodamco & Diot, France , IFS 2018 StockholmCorrosion
Development of NS 3912 on exterior fire protection, combining active and passive systemsGeir Jensen, COWI, Norway, IFS 2018 StockholmStandards
10-year study on the reliability of Swedish sprinkler systemsMarkus Melin, Brandkonsulten Kjell Fallqvist, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmQuality
Efficiency and effectiveness of sprinkler systems in the United Kingdom: an analysis from fire service dataJulian Parsons, National Fire Chiefs Council, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmQuality
Automatic sprinklers: a comprehensive approach to performance and reliabilityWitali Engelhardt, FM Approvals, Germany, IFS 2018 StockholmQuality
Review of the Swedish requirements for designers, installers and inspectorsJens Hjort, Brandskyddsföreningen, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmQuality
NFPA UpdatesRuss Fleming, IFSA, USA, IFS 2018 StockholmStandards
Revision of EN 12845Karim Karzazi, AXA Matrix, France, IFS 2018 StockholmStandards
EN 16925 – New European residential sprinkler standardAlan Brinson, EFSN, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmStandards
Owner-led research on water-based systems for the protection of wooden churches and historical buildingsIngrid Staurheim, KA, Norway, IFS 2018 StockholmHeritage
Vacuum sprinkler systems for the protection of cultural heritageKoen van Herpe, VK Engineering, Belgium, IFS 2018 StockholmHeritage
Exposure protection in Eksjö’s 19th century wooden building city centreBo Hjorth, Sprinklerfrämjandet, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmHeritage
The impact of automatic sprinklers on building designRyan McCreadie, Olsson Fire & Risk, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance
A new innovative and verified FFFS for road tunnelsBo Wahlström, Brandskyddslaget, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance Innovation
NFPA 13 and EN 12845 Ordinary and Light Hazard extended coverage sprinkler protection optionsGuy Watson, Reliable, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmPerformance
Corrosion in fire sprinkler systemsSteve Broadley, Potter Electric, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmCorrosion
Systematic study of corrosion behaviour of HF welded tubesMichael Wenger, Wuppermann, Austria, IFS 2018 StockholmCorrosion
The practical and commercial benefits of using CPVC fire protection systems in retrofit projectsWill Robinson, Lubrizol, USA, IFS 2018 StockholmCorrosion
High rise buildings, trade-offs and verification of the fire safety performance of sprinklers in building designOlof Axelsson, Oax, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmHigh-rise
Fire protection of wooden, high-rise buildings and individualised protection for elderly and vulnerable peopleAnders Bergqvist, Brandskyddsföreningen, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmHigh-rise
Sprinkler protection of high-rise buildings: challenges and technical solutionsJochen Krumb, VdS, Germany, IFS 2018 StockholmHigh-rise
Pedigree of the fine water spray foam-enhanced suppression system on latest Royal Navy Type 26 and Queen Elizabeth Carrier Class platformsJim Glockling, The FPA, UK, IFS 2018 StockholmFoam
BIM, fire safety and impacts for fire protection systemsJohan Norén, Briab, Sweden, IFS 2018 StockholmBIM
More European hotels should have sprinklersAlan Brinson, EFSN, UK, Sprinkler Outlook 3Hotels
The Marriott position on sprinklers and water mistArmin Wolski, Marriott International, Germany, Sprinkler Outlook 3Hotels
More sprinklers for climate change mitigation?Feature article, EFSN, UK, Sprinkler Outlook 3Sustainability
Flexible fire protection in a digital future Graeme Leonard, Sprinkler Outlook 3Data
Navigating challenges standards in fire safety… Gerard Visser & Thiery Monet, Sprinkler Outlook 3Foam
Pioneering inspection technologies for industrial sprinkler systems Paul Jackson & Andrew Simpson, Sprinkler Outlook 3Quality Corrosion
Compliance with the EN 14972 water mist standard… How to apply it in practice today Feature article, Sprinkler Outlook 3Mist
Water mist… an alternative to conventional systems? Kamil Swietnicki, Sprinkler Outlook 3Mist
Fire protection for distilled spirits in wooden barrelsJohn LeBlanc, Sprinkler Outlook 1Liquids
Tackling corrosion in active fire protection systemsChris Gill, Sprinkler Outlook 1Corrosion
Maintaining compliance in the life safety industryLen Swantec, Sprinkler Outlook 1Perspective
A growing need for sprinklers in car parksPiotr Tofilo, Sprinkler Outlook 1Car parks
CEN water mist standardsAlan Brinson, Sprinkler Outlook 1Mist
Fire safety is a choiceJohn Van Lierop, Sprinkler Outlook 1Perspective
European sprinkler standardsBjorn Schaumberg, Sprinkler Outlook 1Standards
Sprinkler systems in defence facilitiesMagnus Arvidson, Sprinkler Outlook 1Special
What price for safetyKeith MacGillivray, Sprinkler Outlook 1Perspective
Sprinklers have a key role to playTom Roche, Sprinkler Outlook 1Sustainability
Dispelling Common MythsBlake Tyler, Sprinkler Outlook 1Corrosion
Sprinkler challenges in the food industryRonald Oldengarm & Johan Hoogeweg, Sprinkler Outlook 1Applications
Fixed firefighting systems for road tunnelsJohnny Jessen, Sprinkler Outlook 1Tunnels
A solution is needed nowSimon Barratt, Sprinkler Outlook 1Foam
Maintaining sprinkler system reliabilityGuy Watson, Sprinkler Outlook 1Quality
The impact of sprinklers on structural fire resistanceaniele Andriotto & Giovanni Cosma & Luciano Nigro, Sprinkler Outlook 1Applications Structure
Manufacturers can mitigate labour risksGraeme Leonard, Sprinkler Outlook 1Installation Piping
Protocol for internal inspectionsSven Sterkendries, Sprinkler Outlook 1Inspections
High-performance cost-effective solutionHenrik Johansson, Sprinkler Outlook 2Cost
High-Pressure Water Mist Applications for Facade FiresKemal Sarp Arsava, RISE, NorwayMist Structure
The Future of Water Mist in a historic PerspectiveAre Brandt (IWMA President), Norwegian University for Science and TechnologyMist
Water Mist on Trains - Evolution of UNI 11565 Italian Standard & Case StudyMassimo Farnesi, UltraFog, Italy, IWMC 2023Mist
ESG - A unique Opportunity for the Water Mist Industry to build more out of what we doChris Gill, Viking, LuxembourgMist Sustainability
Water Mist protects the National History Museum in CopenhagenRüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany, IWMC 2023Mist Heritage
Performance-based Fire Safety Design - An opportunity for the Water Mist IndustryMax Lakkonen, IFAB, Germany, IWMC 2023Mist
Update on EN 14972Dirk Laibach, Johnson Controls International, Germany, IWMC 2023Mist
The Matrix - an essential Tool for Fire Engineers doing Specifications, Review and Acceptance of Water Mist SystemsLuciano Nigro, JensenHughes Europe, Italy, IWMC 2023Mist
Introduction to Fire Safety in Timber BuildingsCarl Pettersson, RED Fire Engineers, Sweden, IWMC 2023Mist Wood
Protection of Aircraft Hangars by Water Mist Systems based on full-scale Fire TestsBogdan Raciega, Baltic Fire Laboratory, Poland, IWMC 2023Mist
Water Mist Fire Protection for protecting whole BuildingsHans Schipper, Johnson Controls International, The Netherlands, IWMC 2023Mist
Feasibility Analysis and FDS Modeling of Water Mist Fire Suppression for Protection of Aircraft HangarsKarolyn Steranka, JensenHughes, USA, IWMC 2023Mist Modelling
Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Water Sprays in Fire-driven FlowsMartin Thielens, JensenHughes, Belguim, IWMC 2023Mist Modelling
Performance-based Analysis of Water Mist Protection System in a Conveyor Belt using CFDPatricio Valdes, Mapa Fire, Chile, IWMC 2023Mist Modelling
Water Mist – State of the Art and the Way aheadAre Brandt, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, IWMC 2022Mist
An Assessment of Performance vs Reliability of electronics vs mechanical systemsYusuf Muhammad, Plumis, UK, IWMC 2022Mist
VdS Guidelines regarding Water Mist Component TestingMarcel Eipl, VdS; Germany, IWMC 2022Mist Standards
Water Mist in high-rise Buildings Application – How to meet Codes and Standards RequirementsFrancisco Garcia, Marioff, Spain, IWMC 2022Mist Standards High-rise
Water Mist – Building Protection in Accordance with EN 14972 and other GuidelinesHans Schipper, Johnson Controls International, The Netherlands, IWMC 2022Mist Standards
CFD Modeling of Water Mist Systems for Suppressing Shielded fires in Enclosures Using FDSAzad Hamzehpour, Univ. of Turin, Italy, IWMC 2022Mist Research Testing Modelling
Water Mist in Tunnels - Experience of Fire Testing in SpainMassimo Farnesi, Ultra Fog, Italy, IWMC 2022Mist Research Testing
Using CFD to analyse the impact of forced ventilation on water mist and sprinkler systemsMax Lakkonen, IFAB, Germany, IWMC 2022Mist Research Testing Modelling Venting
Factors influencing the Generation of Carbon Monoxide in Fires partially suppressed by Water Mist ApplicationHaydn Lewis, USA, IWMC 2022Mist Research Testing
Wind Turbine Nacelle Enclosure Protection with Water MistHong-Zeng (Bert) Yu, FM Global, USA, IWMC 2022Mist Research Testing
Water Mist for open Areas - New Problems and new SolutionsGiancarlo Franchini, Cristanini, Italy, IWMC 2022Mist Applications
Spanish Congress Palace in Madrid – A challenging ProjectRüdiger Kopp, Fogtec, Germany, IWMC 2022Mist Applications
A hybrid/nitrogen Mist extinguishing Technology used for Firefighting Bomb DevelopmentJoseph Perry, consultant, Israel, IWMC 2022Mist Applications
Collecting Water Mist DataDirk Laibach, Johnson Controls International, Germany, IWMC 2021Mist
What do we know about Sprinkler Reliability and can this Knowledge be used for other water-based Extinguishing Systems?  Arnstein Fedøy, Igneus AS, Norway, IWMC 2021Mist
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Introduction to water-based Fire Suppression Systems in PolandPiotr Tofilo, Polish Suppression Systems Foundation, Poland, IWMC 2021Mist
Effectiveness of Water Mist Systems for the Protection of Mass Timber BuildingsYoon Ko, The National Research Council Canada, IWMC 2021Mist Research Testing Wood
Using CFD to assess the Impact of different Design Variations for a Water Mist SystemMax Lakkonen, IFAB, Germany, IWMC 2021Mist Research Testing Modelling
VdS 3883 – The new Fire Test Protocol Series and other new DevelopmentsKamil Swietnicki, VdS, Poland, IWMC 2021Mist Research Testing
Experimental Study of Gases produced from Polymers burning with Water Mist – Influence of Droplet Size of SprayNicharee Thinnakornsutibutr, Tokyo University of Science, Japan, IWMC 2021Mist Research Testing
Water Mist Extinguishment of Exhaust Duct FiresHong-Zeng (Bert) Yu, FM Global, IWMC 2021Mist Research Testing
Upgrading Performances and Safety of Fire Attack SystemsGiancarlo Franchini, Cristanini, Italy, IWMC 2021Mist
New Technologies for tackling Corrosion in active Fire Protection SystemsChristopher Gill, Viking, EMEA, IWMC 2021Mist
Comparison of Water Mist and Sprinkler System to ensure Fire Framework to ensure Fire Safety for the Bonnet TowerAda Malagnino (GAe Engineering) & Massimo Ferretti (Marioff), IWMC 2021Mist
Bus Garage Water Mist Protection Project at the Sondrio Provincial Transport CompanySimone Parolo, Trasporti Provinciali Sondrio, Italy, IWMC 2021Mist
Water Mist Fire Protection of Archives – New Approach with Fire LaboratoryBogdan Raciega, Ultra Fog, Poland, IWMC 2021Mist
Protection of Industrial Oil FryersHans Schipper, Johnson Controls International, The Netherlands, IWMC 2021Mist
Current state of requirements regarding the assessment of compliance for the components of fire suppression systems in Poland – certification and approvalsMichał Chmiel, CNBOP, POLIG 24Certification
New FM Global guidelines for the interaction of sprinklers and smoke ventsTom Roche (FM Global), POLIG 24Performance Venting
Classification of flammable liquids and protection of liquid storage areasChristian Brandenbach (Viking), POLIG 24Liquids Foam
Fire classification of non-standard goods and materials in the context of the selection of fire protection solutions and protection methodsLeszek Golachowski (Riskonet), POLIG 24Hazards
Selected issues with designing sprinkler pump roomsAdam Masłowski (Akademia Projektanta), POLIG 24Pumps
Sprinkler protection of cold stores and other similar facilitiesArjan Ten Broeke (Johnson Controls Tyco Netherlands), POLIG 24Cold
Automated Storage Systems (ASRS, MFC, AMR): they are more than a combustible load regarding loss controlNicolas Lochet (ELEN Risk Consulting), POLIG 24Storage ASRS
Presenting opportunities for testing fixed fire suppression systems in the new Baltic Fire LaboratoryBogdan Raciega (Baltic Fire Laboratory), POLIG 24Testing
New solutions in sprinkler protection of lithium-ion batteries production and in reducing the distance between racks in high-bay warehouses according to NFPA 13Guy Watson (Reliable Sprinklers), POLIG 24Renewables Storage Batteries
Optimizing fire suppression using an ecological low-pressure hybrid systemCedric Verstrynge (Victaulic), POLIG 24Sustainability
Residential sprinklers in UK – applications, design, installation, costsMaciej Włodyga (Rapidrop), POLIG 24Residential Cost
Danish experience in fighting electric car fires on ships in relation to the design of water mist in underground car parks with EV charging stationsGniewosz Siemiątkowski (VID FireKill), POLIG 24Car parks
Problems of designing water mist installations for various types of buildingsKamil Swietnicki (VdS Polska), POLIG 24Mist
Managing Fire Hazards in Top-Load Automatic Storage and Retrieval SystemsBenjamin Ditch, FM Global, SUPDET 2022Storage
Tactical Measures for Manual Firefighting for the AutoStore systemIngunn Haraldseid, AutoStore AS, , SUPDET 2022Storage ASRS
Impact of Elevated Walkways in Storage on Sprinkler ProtectionNoah Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC, , SUPDET 2022Storage
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Obstructions and Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers-Ph. 4: The Latest ResearchGarner A. Palenske, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., SUPDET 2019Performance
Equivalent Protection Schemes for Fire Sprinkler Systems - Full-Scale Fire Testing for Performance-Based Fire ProtectionRalph E. Bless, Jr., Telgian, SUPDET 2019Testing
Case Study: Separation of Electronic and ESFR Sprinklers in a Warehouse FacilityZachary L. Magnone, Johnson Controls, SUPDET 2019Storage
Sprinkler Water Quality - Advancements in Dissecting Sprinkler SpraysStephen J. Jordan, Justin Geiman, Rodney Bentley, Noah L. Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance, SUPDET 2019Research
Fixed Fire Suppression Systems for Electric VehiclesOla Willstrand, R. Bisschop, M. Rosengren, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SUPDET 2019Vehicles
Coupled Sprinkler Protection and Installation Guidance for Li-Ion Battery Based Energy Storage SystemsBenjamin Ditch, FM Global, R. Thomas Long, Jr., Exponent, SUPDET 2019Renewables Batteries
A Case Study in Utilizing an Existing High Rise Building's Fire Protection System Infrastructure for Fighting Exterior Façade FiresMilosh Puchovsky, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Zachary Magnone, Johnson Controls, SUPDET 2019Firefighting Structure
A Data Enabled Approach to Prevent Fire Sprinkler FailuresPedriant Peña, Lucas Eidenmuller, Chad Goyette, Johnson Controls, SUPDET 2019Quality
Antifreeze Solutions for Use in Fire Sprinkler Systems, UL 2901Jeff Hebenstreit, Underwriters Laboratories, SUPDET 2019Cold
Vapor Mitigation Using Fixed Water Spray SystemMurtaza Gandhi, Alex Fergusson, Joseph Kao, Jin Zhao, BakerRisk, SUPDET 2019Special
Revision of EN12845A1:EN12845-1 & EN12845-2 & EN12845-3 & EN17451Karim Karzazi, Ludger Tegeler, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024Standards
An insight into sprinkler business and development at the European levelAlan Brinson, EFSN, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024Market
New Developments in the Protection of Li-ion Battery Production and Tall Dense StorageSteven Wolin, Reliable, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024Storage
Water Mist Protection in accordance with EN14972Hans Schipper, Johnson Controls / TYCO, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024Storage
EN, NFPA and FM. Selecting the best fit for purpose.Arjan Ten Broeke, Johnson Controls, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024Standards
BIM REVIT for prefabricated sprinkler systemsJuanma Zamarron, Alvaro Rodriguez, Engineered FIRE PIPING, FG Sprinkler Conference 2024BIM
Water mist for tall buildings Gary Howe, Zurich Risk Engineers UKMist
A deeply unsatisfactory positionAlan Brinson, EFSN, Sprinkler Outlook 2Certification
Reducing the environmental impact of sprinklersJohn van Lierop, EFSN, Sprinkler Outlook 2Sustainability
Safe & soundGraeme Leonard, Victaulic, Sprinkler Outlook 2Perspective Market
Sprinkler protection for fire detection in car parksRuud van Herpen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Peutz BV, Sprinkler Outlook 2Car parks
Could a distruptive technology affect the sprinkler marketAlan Brinson, EFSN, Sprinkler Outlook 2Perspective
Galvanised pipes in sprinkler systemsJan Nikola, VdS, Sprinkler Outlook 2Corrosion Quality
A Valhalla for microbiologyMascha van Hofweegen, KIWA, Sprinkler Outlook 2Corrosion Quality
Low pressure water mist systemsDavid Bell, Viking EMEA, Sprinkler Outlook 2Mist
What in the worldPaul Sincaglia, IFSA, Sprinkler Outlook 2Market
A light sprinkler standardRonald Oldengarm & Johan Hoogeweg, DGMR, Sprinkler Outlook 2Car parks
Do EU legislation changes affect your fixed foam systemSimon Baratt, Viking EMEA, Sprinkler Outlook 2Foam
Business Resilience Through Property ProtectionBusiness Sprinkler Alliance ReportCost Perspective
The Impact of Automatic Sprinklers on Building DesignWSP ReportCost Perspective
An environmental impact and cost benefit analysis for fire sprinklers in warehouse buildingsBRE ReportCost Perspective Sustainability
The financial and economic impact of warehouse firesCEBR ReportCost Perspective Sustainability
Assessing the role for fire sprinklersBureau Veritas ReportCost Perspective Sustainability
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